lucky I’m in love with my best friend

You see this cute boy?

Yup, married that.

I’m head-over-heels in love with my best friend and you guessed it, I’m the luckiest girl alive. 

To celebrate our first blog together and the fact that we’ve been married for 48 days (but who’s counting?), I decided that there would be no better way than to list down some of the reasons why I love him (there are too many to share!), and some of my favorite memories of us.

I have this whole folder full of love notes and letters he has written me since our love grew. In fact, that folder isn’t even complete because I have love notes in my notebook, journal, homework file, iPhone, everywhere! He leaves me cute little notes all the time and I can’t deny that it makes me smile every single time! One normal, insignificant day, the lover boy wrote stuck post-its all over the stairwell that led to my old apartment and he wrote sweet little messages on them. Once, he stuck 100 hearts all over my apartment door, in pink post-it and made a pretty swirly pattern with it.

This one time, I told him I was going to the gym and guess what he told me - “I’m going to mop and vacuum the floor while you’re gone so you can come home to a clean house!” He knows how much I love a clean house and well, he did it all on his own! He’s never once complained about house chores. It feels so wonderful sharing a home with someone who cares about it as much as I do!

How about that one time he slept in his truck because he wanted to leave me a note on my door before I left for work? I don’t remember why he didn’t just stick it on there in advance (like the day before) but there was a good reason why he decided he would sleep in the truck. Anyway, the police knocked on his window and he said “I was actually waiting for morning to come so I could leave a note on my fiancee’s door”. Of course he got away with looking homeless especially with a reason like that!

Have you also seen the way he makes me laugh? It’s unreal! Sometimes we laugh so hard I almost drool on myself. We’ve had more of those moments especially now that we’re married and eternal roommates. Gosh, I’m lucky I get to laugh so much!

Drool? That one time we went to SeaWorld on our honeymoon, we were on a rollercoaster ride (not even a crazy scary one) and I laughed the whole time that when the ride was over, I had drool on my neck and my shirt. He didn’t even laugh at me! So sensitive :)

Sometimes, (more often than not actually) he takes my hand, looks me in the eye(s), looks down, looks at me again, but this time with tears in his eyes, and tells me how much he loves me and how his goal in life is to always make me happy. He is such a sweet, sensitive, thoughtful guy! 

A few months ago, I had to go to the hospital at 4 in the morning. I called my then-fiance, (surprisingly, he picked up), somehow managed the words “I need to go to the hospital” and he came right away to my room, carried me out of there and down 3 flights of stairs to the truck, rushed me to the hospital, and held my hand the whole time. I cried and squirmed while holding my stomach, and that man never left my side. He sat on an uncomfortable chair, skipped work and class, and told me that there was nothing he would rather do than to be by my side. 

He also lets me have some of his food every single time! We share really well (especially because I can never finish my food) and he’s never complained about not having enough of his yummy food because I’m stealing it all.

Let’s talk about test week shall we? Anyone who knows me well enough would know that I study endlessly for a simple midterm. Actually, not simple. More like tough, tricky, deadly…you get the point. Being in the accounting program means they torture bless you with a week of midterms. Basically, it’s all hell breaking lose in one week. It’s almost too much to handle sometimes. And I don’t know how I ever get through such tough weeks, but I do know that my amazing husband makes it so much better. I just got done with another week of tests and the hubby was so supportive the whole time, like he’s always been! He got me food, did the chores, made sure I was having enough time to relax, gave me massages, scooped me ice cream, drove me to work in the mornings (even told me not to go to work at one point because of how little sleep I was getting). You name it, he did it! He’s a superhero!

He was invited to a broom hockey night with some friends and I told him I couldn’t go because I needed to study. He really wanted to go so I told him I’ll wait for him at his apartment and when he got back, we would watch a movie and have a little date night. He went, called me and said “Honey, I’m not going to stay. It’s weird without you. I miss you. I’m coming home.” We go everywhere with each other! Of course we would. Life is much better with him by my side.

One of the funniest memories is when he and I had just gotten back to our hotel from going to the temple. I was in this cute lace skirt, tight to the skin, but cute. He got out of the truck first so he could open the hotel door, and I fell out of there. Plopped on the floor, in my white skirt (don’t worry, it isn’t dirty). I squealed but nothing came out from my husband’s mouth. Silence. For about 5 seconds. I looked under the truck door, my bum hurting from having fallen, and I saw him walk into the hotel. Suddenly, I hear him say “are you okay?” to which I said “yeah, just chilling on the floor. Actually, I tumbled out of the truck.” and he said “I heard a squeal but you squeal all the time and whenever I ask you, you always say it’s nothing!” My fault. All my fault. I really should plan my squeals better.

Speaking of the truck, he always gets my door open for me! Always! What a gentleman! After 22 months of knowing each other, he still opens my door for me! He also waits patiently till I’m safely inside (sometimes I tumble back out of there), closes my door, then goes to his side. What a keeper!

So yes, you caught him. He’s perfect. And I’m lucky. And we’re in love. Madly in love. So much love. 

Every day is a dream come true.

Guess what mom and dad! I married my prince!

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The most perfect ring the world has ever known. The most perfect engagement with the most perfect man.

The most perfect ring the world has ever known. The most perfect engagement with the most perfect man.

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and to my fiance, thank you in advance

and to my fiance, thank you in advance

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Dear boyfriend,

You are such an amazing boyfriend! I’m so grateful you’re in my life. You value your family and you value me. Most of all, you value your relationship with our Heavenly Father. You’re an example to me of spiritual strength and complete faith in our Father in Heaven.

I miss you but I know I’ll get to see you in less than 2 days! It’ll be so amazing having a little getaway with my family. I know they’ll love you. You’ve really become more sociable and I love talking to you. Thank you for being my best friend, my confidant, my boyfriend, my future, and my life. You are definitely the one for me. I can’t imagine my future any different. Thank you for being the one. I’m glad I found you.

I love you.

Your girlfriend.

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Dear boyfriend,

I can never seem to get enough of you. I guess that’s why you’re the love of my life — we argue and we still fall in love at the end of it all; we are apart but we still keep in contact and try our best to make sure that we update each other about almost everything significant. 

I love talking to you. I love hearing your voice. In spring, I really longed to hear your voice every night before bed. Now, I’ve longed for even more — to see your face before bed. I know that our time will soon come and we’ll be the perfect couple. We are certainly so perfect together. We’ll have so many wonderful adventures, have a lot of kids, and we’ll have so much love in the family. I just know we will. 

The way you make me smile is priceless! I miss squishing your face in my hands! I miss kissing those lips that whisper sweet nothings to me. I miss the hands that have weathered much of drill team’s “abuse”. I miss the arms that hold me and make my heart melt. I miss the eyes, the gorgeous blue eyes, that tell me how much you love me.

You are missed greatly! And there’s nothing more I want than to have you here with me.

I love you.

Your girlfriend.

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Everything just seems right. He plays with my hair, he traces circles on my back. He kisses my nose and strokes my neck. We play fight and I win, but most times I don’t. One minute he’s a “loser” and in the next he’s my “babe.” I can’t help being excited whenever he’s around. We have our differences, and oh are they different but I wouldn’t ask for it any other way. He’s just as much mine as I am his. And we’re great together.
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I love taking naps.


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